Agriculture Technology

3d Printing (With Food)

3d printing is no longer a new technology. With the advent of this technology, we’ve seen its rise in manufacturing industries and medical science, which is good, considering these are one of the most important fields of our time. In conventional 2d paper-based printing, what a printer does is print with the help of an […]


IoT and its future implications

In the past few years, we have often heard the phrase Internet of Things or IoT and probably wondered what it means. The term basically refers to a network of devices connected to each other and ultimately the internet. These things or devices can be anything electronic that can collect data from surrounding and send […]


Grow Lights – An Introduction

While growing up, we all read about photosynthesis and how plants use sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to make food. Sunlight as we know consists of a number of colors of light together (as seen in a rainbow). It turns out that plants mostly require only two colors, blue and red for their growth. Fun […]


Hydroponics for Home – But why??

Foods we eat mostly come from farms some miles away. These have to travel a distance before they reach you and are possibly treated with some chemicals. Also, they’re surely treated with some amount of pesticides. If you want healthier foods, one possible solution is to grow your own. It’s possible if you have a […]


Growing foods with AI – An Overview

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is one of the terms frequently heard these days. It is the ability of computers to perform tasks that generally require human intervention, like driving a car. Anything from self-driving cars and smartphones to most electronic devices nowadays is equipped with some form of AI. Nowadays, AI is being applied in the field […]


Urban Farms – Farms of the Future

First of all, let’s just start with the fact that it does not matter how conscious we are about the healthiness of food on our plate, it is less likely that we can control how these foods are produced. With the foods that come from distant farms, and often large farms, comes the risks of […]


Feeding the future

In February of 2020, there were news and photos circulating around the internet, describing the havoc desert locusts created by feeding off on the crops of east African countries and mainly Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya. The destruction was so ravaging that United Nations’ CERF fast-tracked $10 million to the FAO to help fight the ‘Humanitarian […]


Modern World’s Issue- Carbon Footprint

Imagine that you are walking over the wet ground; you will leave a footprint with each step. The more you walk, the more will you leave a footprint. Like this actual footprint, whenever some activity is performed in daily life (ex: Food production, Driving a vehicle, or even cooking food), a certain amount of Carbon […]


Next big thing in Agriculture: Precision Farming

Agriculture is the most important activity in the world to support the ever-growing population growth and feeding the hungry world. In a few decades, the population is going to reach a number that can no longer be supported by the farming techniques we have today. The technology we have now in most of the agricultural […]